Our services work best when announcing a record, book or film release or a newsworthy travel, dining or public interest story. Our local Southern California contact list is especially strong. Because we provide Publicity Lite, we are unable to offer tour support.

We can create and then get your press release into the inboxes of thousands of targeted media professionals.

Recent campaigns have resulted in coverage in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times (Column One), The Today Show, Men's Vogue, The Times of London, International Herald-Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Wall Street Journal, Westways, L.A. Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine, Toronto Star, Blender, Pitchforkmedia.com, Time Out NY, Magnet, the Globe Trekker TV series and NPR's Talk of the Nation.

Current Explosive PR rates:

$350 for publicity consulation, one hour of focused in-person, telephone or IM converation to determine your marketing strengths and weaknesses and advise you on how to generate buzz. (custom consulation packages are also available)

$160 for specialized travel industry media press release blast, including posting on the subscriber-only journalist's source website Media Kitty.

$120 for press release with media mailing (our most popular package)

$100 for press release

$75 for media mailing

We happily extend discounts when you pre-pay for multiple releases.