Some of the artists, companies and projects we've promoted include:
125 Records
actress/label owner Lunden De'Leon

Alliance Repertory Company

Bob Baker's Marionette Theater
The Bubblegum Achievement Awards

Bukowski Court preservation campaign

Cemetery Tours by Karie Bible

Crimebo the Clown

Colori Kitchen
Del Rey & The Sun Kings
Dirtnap Records

Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk

Esotouric bus adventures
Frankie the Fire Goat

100-year-old filmmaker Sid Laverents

Save the Los Angeles Public Library

LAVA - The Los Angeles Visionaries Association

The Mystechs

90-something video bloggers The OGs
Old Hat Records

indie noir comedy One Night With You

 Pit - The Paranormal Investigating Team

Planting Seeds Records
Save the 76 Ball
Urban Photo Adventures

The Willowz
social review network Yelp

A Testimonial:

I haven't used Kim's promotional services myself but I am well aware of the qualities you might need from her. Her writing skills are excellent. Not only does she write well, but she knows exactly what to write for the situation and, most importantly, what she is writing about. Her knowledge of different fields is astounding. From her successful personal ventures, she's amassed quite a media network that I'm sure she can tap into easily for whatever your needs might be. She's also one of those people I call a "social node". It often appears she is connected to everyone and knows how to access the few people she doesn't know already. I've seen her promote some events in the Los Angeles area that I was interested in, on a personal basis, and was very impressed with the mileage she was getting with her promotions.

I am in the entertainment industry on the other side: I write for a weekly newspaper in the Miami area and do get tons of press releases. It's rare to get a decent one. I've also been involved in a bedroom record label that operated out of LA in the 90s. I'm completely positive that if Kim were to send PR my way, it would be one of the rare times it'd be perfect.

-M.G., Miami FL