Nobody Reads in LA unites literary Angelenos to talk books and beyond


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June 6, 2007


Nobody Reads in LA unites literary Angelenos to talk books and beyond


WHAT: launch of Nobody Reads in LA book club, followed by John Fante walking


WHEN: debut meeting Weds June 13, 7pm

COST: free

WHERE: Lost Souls Cafe, 124 W 4th St., L.A. 90013 (near Main Street)

BOOK DISCOUNTS: Metropolis Books, 440 South Main St., L.A. 90013



LOS ANGELES- The cliche about Los Angeles is that it's full of vapid blondes

who can barely read their plastic surgeon's business cards, but in reality

L.A. is one of the largest markets for book sales, a city with a long

history as a center for important fiction, criticism and publishing.


Now several local cultural organizations are coming together to present a

new book club, Nobody Reads in LA, which will offer a place downtown to

mingle and discuss some of the most important books about the city in a

freewheeling and congenial atmosphere. The subject of the first meeting is

John Fante's "Ask the Dust" (1939), the classic tale of a self-loathing

would-be young writer prowling the streets of Bunker Hill in search of love,

success and something to eat.


Nobody Reads in LA is the creation of Kim Cooper and Richard Schave

(1947project, Esotouric bus adventures) and Nico Bella (curator, Fleur de

Lethal Productions). Downtown bookseller Metropolis Books is offering a 10%

discount on copies of "Ask the Dust" for customers who say they are "a

friend of Bandini's," and the meeting is being held at Lost Souls Cafe, with

a walking tour to follow.


Future meetings will focus on Raymond Chandler's "The Little Sister," James

M. Cain's "Mildred Pierce," Charles Bukowski's "Post Office" and Reyner

Banham's "The Architecture of Four Ecologies." Each meeting will be closely

followed by an Esotouric bus adventure dedicated to the author. John

Fante's Dreams of Bunker Hill tour debuts on Saturday, June 16.


To learn more about Nobody Reads in LA, or sign up for the mailing list,


To learn more about Esotouric's forthcoming tour of John Fante's Bunker

Hill, visit


Upcoming Esotouric tour and event schedule:

Weds June 13- Nobody Reads in LA John Fante discussion

Sat June 16- John Fante's Dreams of Bunker Hill

Sat June 23 ­Weird West Adams tour for Art Deco Soc./West Adams Heritage


Sat July 21 ­ Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles: In A Lonely Place

Thur Aug 16 ­ Charles Bukowski's Birthday Party event

Sat Aug 18 - Haunts of a Dirty Old Man: Charles Bukowski's Los Angeles


Nobody Reads in LA founder and John Fante tour host Richard Schave is

available for interviews. Contact Kim at, 323-223-2767.