Today's creative professional understand better than anyone how to promote their work and reach their target audience. Whether it's with Facebook fan pages and automated mailing lists, stickers or free MP3s on your website, the line between Artist and Fan is finer than it's ever been.

The hard part is knowing how to play the old fashioned game with the pros. What is a press release supposed to look like, and what must it include? How do you get an announcement out to thousands of members of the print, radio and online media? Why should these people, who receive dozens (or hundreds!) of press releases every day, take the time to read yours?

That's where Explosive PR comes in. We've spent 18+ years working both sides of the indie media fence--as an event and news promoter, getting coverage in outlets like The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Times of London, International Herald-Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Wall Street Journal, L.A. Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine, Blender, Pitchfork, Time Out NY, Magnet, and NPR's Talk of the Nation--as a journalist and editor, being on the receiving end of those hundreds of daily press releases. And we know the difference between a press release that gets read and one that gets deleted. To get an idea of what we can do for you, click on "What we offer."

The difference between Explosive PR and a standard publicist is that when you work with us, your press release goes out with you as the contact person. Full-service publicists filter press responses and charge you for the privilege, but we trust that you can handle things from here.